Demonic Oppression,

Witchcraft and Curses are Real.

But thanks be to God!

He gives us the victory through our

Lord Jesus Christ!

1 Cor 15:57

You can be  FREE!


There has been an increase in Satanic activity in the world today.  Many people have been struggling with demonic oppression, manipulation and influence that result in reoccurring illness, addiction, depression, abnormal dreams/behaviors and the list goes on and on.  The good news is that you can obtain your Freedom and put a STOP to demonic activity in your life and in the life of others. 

Receive The Boost

From the Bible we learn that Marriage is the foundation of the family, the foundation of our society, and the foundation of our nation.  From the marriage of a man and woman, life begins, destiny is shaped and a nation is born.   In recent times, marriages are failing and hitting the rocks faster than ever before. Separation and divorce is the order of the day.  But the question now is, “Is it possible in these days to have a happy and successful marriage than can stand the test of time and last “until death do we part?” The answer is YES! It is possible and it is happening because of RECEIVE THE BOOST (RTB) Relationships Ministry led by Dr. Joy C. Ibe.