​​​Thou hast granted me Life and Favour, and thy Visitation hath preserved my spirit. Job 10:12

Break LOOSE!!!

Deliverance Ministry

And these signs shall follow them that believe; in my name shall they cast out devils.” (Mark 16:17).

        The alarming rate of increase in satanic activity in the world today and especially on believers has become a matter of concern. It is raising such curious questions like; Do demons really exist?, What is a demon?, Can a believer be possessed by demons?, Can evil spirit be inherited?, How can a person come under the influence of demons?, Can a believer be cursed?  Can a believer come under a curse?  How do you break and destroy a curse? Can anybody cast out demons? And much more.

The ministry of deliverance is all about how you as a believer can exercise your Christ-given authority to contend with and defeat satanic oppression. It is the act of expelling demons by your authoritative command in the name of Jesus.


1.        Teaching believers the realities of demons and their activities.
2.        Reminding believers of our daily involvement in a battle against     

            the forces of evil.
3.        Setting people free from satanic oppression
4.        To raise deliverance ministers, intercessors, and battle ready

             kingdom warriors.
5.        Recruit, train and commission victorious Lord’s Army Conquerors.


·         The Ministry of Deliverance
·         Satanic Realities
·         Demons and Believers
·         The Battlefield of the Mind
·         Curses
·         Hierarchical Order of Satanic Kingdom
·         Demon Personalities
·         Manifesting the Power of God​​Type your paragraph here.