​​​Thou hast granted me Life and Favour, and thy Visitation hath preserved my spirit. Job 10:12

Break LOOSE!!!



Divine Visitation Church is an international, multiracial, multicultural nondenominational ALL-REACH Assembly.


  • Global REACH-OUT to erring souls with the Good News of Salvation in Jesus Christ.
  • Captives of Satan released through deliverance .
  • Reconciliation  of  backslidden humanity to God Almighty.


  • Up-Reach individual personal relationship with God.
  • In-Reach love for one another in  spiritual union.
  • Out-Reach compassion to lost and hurting weary souls worldwide.
  • Preaching and teaching of God’s word undiluted and unadulterated .
  • Making ready rapture-able believers for the second coming of Jesus Christ.
  • ​Nurturing battle-ready intercessors and prayer winners.
  • Raising and sending out dependable and available disciples into mission fields.
  • Promoting spiritual, physical, financial, and material well being of believers.
  • Positively impact humanity and effecting godly values.
  • Recovering the oppressed and afflicted (spirit, soul and body) through deliverance 
    and healing ministration.

  • Inculcating God’s Kingdom mindset in believers.Opening people’s eyes to the reality of the existence of demonic activities from Satan’s kingdom of darkness

​​​Welcome to Divine Visitation International Ministries.

We are glad to have you on our site.

Receive Divine Visitation,

Life, Favor and live in the
Supernatural Overflow of the Lord.

Break Loose!!! 

Step into your greatness in Jesus Name Amen and Amen!

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